Ministry of Youth, Sports & Community Empowerment


23 October 2016 - 00:10

Minister Iruthisham Adam says, during the past three years,
under the leadership of His Excellency President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, the
sports sector of Maldives has observed progressive advancements.

She made the
remark while speaking at the Sports Ministers meeting of the World Forum on
Sports and Culture.

On the
session, Sports Development and peace; minister highlighted on the sports act
which was enacted on the 7
th of September 2015.
With the new legal framework established, the parent Authority of
all persons, clubs, and associations in the sports sector becomes a special
appointee of the President of Maldives, the Commissioner of Sports. This is to
endure that the sports associations and clubs are registered and made
accountable said Minister.

Minister said that
providing equal facilities to the people of
Maldives is a major challenge due to the geographical distribution of our
islands. Despite the challenges, His Excellency President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom
has pledged to create sports arenas for each and every inhabited island of the
country. She added that to date, the government of Maldives has spent over
nearly 10 Million Dollars for the sports Arena Project all over the country.