Ministry of Youth, Sports & Community Empowerment

Youth Award 2016

09 October 2016 - 00:10

Just like every year, this year’s National Youth Day will also
be celebrated on 17th of November. Eleven different areas will be awarded at
this year’s Youth Award. Youth Award is awarded to acknowledge the outstanding
effort and contribution of youth in the development of the nation. Also, one of
the key purposes of this award is to encourage young people to be productive
leaders to the community and motivate them for higher platforms. 

Winners of this year’s award will receive a reward of MVR25,
000/- with the certificate and Award Trophy.


The application for the Youth Award is open from 29 September
2015. Application form for the award is available from the reception of
Ministry of Youth and Sports (Velaanaage, 3rd Floor) and Youth Centre (MCSE
Building).  The form is also available for download from the Ministry’s
website, Application forms will
be collected every day from 8:30 am to 13:30pm from Velaanaage 3rd Floor and
Youth Centre.


The deadline for applications is 13:30 pm on 20th of October 2016. Applications from the atolls will be
collected from their respective Island Council Offices and the nearest Youth